Levetidsforlengelser for oljeplattformer

Dato: 22-05-2019-23-05-2019 | Påmeldingsfrist: 16-05-2019

Aldring og levetidsforlengelser for offshore plattformer -
utfordringen i å kontrollere strukturell integritet
// Ageing and Life Extension of Offshore Structures -
The Challenge of Managing Structural Integrity

22. May : Part 1 Introduction to ageing and life extension for structures
23. May : Part 2 Further developments, fatigue and inspection planning for life extension
Venue: Felix Konferansenter, Aker Brygge, Oslo


Many platforms in the Oil and Gas industry have been in production for decades and are reaching the limit of their design life. As they are still used in oil and gas production there is a need for life extension.

This course in 2 Parts will provide a brief understanding of the key ageing issues affecting structures in late life and in life extension and the main problem areas in providing assurance for structural integrity in the life extension phase. This includes recognizing the ageing factors, the relevant regulations and standards such as PSA regulation & HSE Safety Case regulation 14, ISO 19902, ISO 19901-9, NORSOK N-005 and NORSOK N-006. Further, a brief introduction to the assessment of ageing structures, analysis of ageing structures and integrity management of ageing structures, including inspection and repair, will be presented.

Part 1 will cover an introduction to the subject in ageing and life extension
Part 2 will cover further developments,fatigue and inspection planning for life extension.

The course will be based on the book (included in the course fee!):
Ageing and Life extension of offshore structures, Wiley 2019. Authors: Ersdal, G., Sharp, J.V, Stacey, A. Including also separate presentations as pdf.


Gerhard Ersdal
28 years’ experience in the offshore industry. Presently professor II at University of Stavanger and principle engineer at PSA (Ptil). Previously principle engineer at NPD and Multiconsult. Author and co-author of several papers on life extension of ageing offshore structures, and author of the book “Life extension of ageing offshore structures” published by Wiley. Member of the Norwegian expert committee for offshore structures. Co-author of several national and international standards on offshore Structures and structural integrity management.

John V. Sharp
Over 40 years’ experience in the offshore industry. Presently visiting Professor in Offshore Technology at Cranfield University. Previously senior position in the Offshore Safety Division of UK Health & Safety Executive, with special interests in inspection and structural integrity. Author and co-author of several conference papers on life extension of ageing offshore installations, and co-author of the book “Life extension of ageing offshore structures” published by Wiley. Has carried out studies for both PSA and HSE on life extension.

Arne Fjeldstad
received his master’s degree in 2003 and PhD in 2007 from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. He currently holds the position as Principal Engineer in the DNV GL Offshore Structures section at Høvik, Norway. His main fields are verification and analysis of steel structures, reliability analysis, Risk Based Inspection planning (RBI), linear and non-linear finite element analysis and fracture mechanics analysis. As a fatigue expert he has also worked with a wide range of applications such as mechanical equipment, pipelines, risers and umbilicals, subsea applications and pressure vessels. He is involved in rules development and has contributed in the development of several standards.

Ole Tom Vårdal
Over 30 years experience in the offshore industry, and is currently CEO of AHPA (Asset Health and Probabilistic Analyses). He is an internationally recognized expert on structural analysis with a main focus upon fitness for service and lifetime extension of offshore structures, and has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the structural integrity management process. Ole Tom is a specialist in methods combining in-service observations and refined theoretical analyses and experience in how to implement the methods in normal operation.

(Vi tar forbehold om oppdateringer i programmet nedenfor)


Program 22. May: Part 1
Lecturers Gerhard Ersdal and John V. Sharp

09.00 Registration and coffe

09.15 Background to ageing and life extension
• Failure statistics of ageing structures
• Ageing changes
• Design life and life extension
• Drivers for life extension
• Installation demographics

10.00 Relevant regulations, codes and standards
• Historic development in codes and standards
• Present safety principle for structures
• Current codes and standards

10.45 Coffee

11.05 Ageing factors: changes and hazards to life extension
• Main changes and hazards for life extension
• Corrosion, fatigue, accidental damage, foundation issues, subsidence, extreme weather etc
• Non-physical and technological changes

12:15 Lunch

13.15 Assessment of ageing structures
• Procedures based on hazard identification, development of inspection strategy, evaluation of structural integrity

14.15 Analysis of ageing structures
• Assessment of ageing in Fatigue (FLS) and Strength (ULS and ALS)

15:00 Coffee

15.20 Managing structural integrity in the life extension phase
• Structural integrity management
• Inspection and Inspection planning
• Mitigation and repair (fatigue and corrosion protection)
• Performance of repaired structures
• Areas of difficulty: Un-inspectable components (piles), met-ocean data, subsidence, cathodic protection

16.15 Conclusions
• Major issues for a safe life extension of structures
• What improvements and R & D is needed?

16.30 Close day1

Program 23. May: Part 2
Lecturers as noted below

08.30 Coffee

09.00 Key issues from the introductory course
• Failure statistics of ageing structures
• Why ageing structures fail
• Ageing changes and drivers for life extension
• Installation demographics, assessment procedure, codes and standards
• structural integrity management
Ved John V. Sharp and Gerhard Ersdal

09.45 Fatigue analysis
• Special issues in fatigue analysis of ageing structures
• Probabilistic fatigue analysis and probabilistic inspection planning
Ved Arne Fjeldstad

10:45 Coffee

11.05 Inspection and repair of ageing structures
• Typical structural failure types and their inspection and repair
• Un-inspectable items
• Concrete structures inspection and repair
Ved John V. Sharp and Gerhard Ersdal

12:00 Lunch

12:50 Advanced methods for strength assessment
• Issues related to more advanced methods for assessing the safety and robustness of ageing structures
• Non-linear analysis methods and probabilistic analysis methods
• Relation to codes and standards
Ved Arne Fjeldstad and Gerhard Ersdal

14.00 Inspection planning. Case Study – Semi Submersible MOU
• Required efforts to obtain reliable correlations between estimated fatigue crack growth potential,using a probabilistic fatigue assessment and fatigue crack occurences
• Knowledge acquired through examination of more than 1000 fatigue cracks observed in North Sea offshore structures
• Example cases for both Fatigue and Corrosion management
Ved Ole Tom Vårdal

14.50 Coffee

15.10 Repair of structures. Case Study
Repair of findings (crack,corrosion,dents,buckling) :
• Jacket structures
• Semi-Submersibles
• FPSO’s
Ved Arne Fjeldstad

16.00 Structural integrity management of ageing structures
• How to manage the integrity of ageing structures (and marine systems)
• How to manage non-physical ageing
• Basis for a safe life extension of structures; what improvements and R&D is needed?
Ved John V. Sharp and Gerhard Ersdal

16.30 Close of day 2


Praktiske opplysninger

Tid: Onsdag 22. mai og torsdag 23. mai
Sted: Felix Konferansenter, Aker Brygge, Oslo (kart HER)

Deltageravgift: (inkl. lunsj og 2 kaffepauser)
kr. 5.900 per kursdag, for medlemmer i Norsk Forening for Stålkonstruksjoner og Norsk Stålforbund
kr. 6.900 per kursdag, for ikke-medlemmer

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kr. 4.720 per kursdag (min. 3 påmeldte og 2 dagers kurs)
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kr. 5.520 per kursdag (min. 3 påmeldte og 2 dagers kurs)

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Kurset inkluderer kurspresentasjoner som pdf + boka Ageing and Life extension of offshore structures

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